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K'Nex crossbow

its got power, and range. i don't have averages yet but the last version shot 20 feet and has some power. this version has good power and can pierce cardboard with a good shot from app. 5 feet away. not bad.

the reason i am posting this is to show a new idea i had for removable parts. the only removable part i have for it right now is the head rest, but i am hoping for people to make other removable parts for it.

this gun has a ratchet system on it. so it can take a lot of power from rubber bands.

the gun also has a ammo holder that goes into your pocket. you can see a picture of me holding the crossbow with the ammo holder in my pocket(yes it is me(yes i blocked out everything else)).

it is pretty easy to make, so i made it with the metal K'Nex pieces because i though it would be cool.

Step 1: Barrel

easy enough, just make from the pictures. its a track that the bolt travels on. nothing new.

Step 2: Ratchet System

the ratchet system. again, nothing to new here. making it from the pictures should be easy enough.

Step 3: Addons to Barrel and Bow

can't have a crossbow with out a bow. again nothing new. just make from the pictures.

Step 4: Renforce the Barrel and Handle

just more add ons to the barrel and the handle. make from the pictures.

Step 5: Stock

again easy. make from the pictures. it is 3 layers thick. look at the notes for some help if you don't get it.

Step 6: Head Rest Add On.

make from the pictures.

Step 7: Firing and Damage and Bolts

ok, well this is were i tell you how to fire it and make the projectiles and the damage it makes.

  • load a bolt
  • pull bow back and hook it into white connector
  • pull trigger
  • repeat

O i don't have pictures for the rubber band placement but put a small one on the trigger and two #64 rubber bands tided together for the bow.

Step 8: Extras

just the ammo holder.

well thats it for the instructable, i hope you like it.

please comment (all spam will be removed) and rate! :-)

Step 9: All My Other K'Nex Things.



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    21 days ago

    yeah i am


    Reply 21 days ago

    can u make an instructable for how 2 upgrade dis and add link?


    Question 21 days ago

    It never says how to make a firing mechanism or how to ad on the rubber bands or am I just an idiot?


    4 years ago on Introduction

    Excellent weapon. Although it looks small, it is extremely powerful. However, I would have to rate it 9/10, due to the iffy trigger. But overall, good job!