Introduction: K'Nex GALIL

This is my K'nex GALIL (YES I CHANGED IT)

-Rail system (Customizable gear can be equipped on
-Adjustable sights
-45cm barrel
-Fake Magazine
-Fake Grenade launcher
-Fires Yellow Rods
-Range is about 10 Metres at 0 degrees and 15+ metres at 45 degrees.

This was made using less than 400 K'nex pieces, so if there are some things that seem funny, please excuse that. ( :D I only have the 400 value tub)

I'll post instructions if I get 100+ requests.
Comment and Rate please and thank you :D

Credits for trigger goes to ()

NOTE** IF THERE IS SOMETHING THAT I'VE TAKEN FROM ANYONE, I GIVE FULL CREDIT (It's just that this gun is so simple, I don't think I've stolen any ideas from anyone.



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    26 Discussions

    instructions please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    You really want instructions? Woo ;D Anyone else please ask :D I'll try to get instructions soon...

    I only clicked on this because I thought it said k'nex FAILIL. Oh well, pretty nice gun anyways. XD

    wow thats impressive...

    no really its really impressive!!! although, its too bad it doesnt have a hopper... oh well

    its cool!, 4.5*

    This is the best gun made by someone who only has 400 pieces. 

    I looked at the title, Galil, and I came here immediately. HOW THE HECK IS THIS AN Israeli Galil??? This is a Kalashnikov AK103. Make it better.