Introduction: KOSMOS

The image above show you a lightdesign where space and light will meet.

For all those who are triggered by this photo, I want to asked you to watch the added movie without reading the constructional background first. The effect and questions on what you are actually looking at will be more powerfull.


This light design combines the idea of a spotlight with calders famous concept of the mobile. 5 Led light a pointing out spot on the wall while being drifted away by the wind.

The design and making of this lamp does not request some specifique techniques or knowlegde, but patience and precision are important.

Step 1: Overview

There are 3 part in making this design.

1. Balacing the mobile

2. integration electronic

3 connection to the power

4 hanging on the ceiling.

In this tutorial I'll zoom in on the integration of the electronic. For step 1 I'll want to redirect to other instructable tutorials on mobiles. For step 3 i want to redirect you to instructable tutorials on parallel Led-chains. Step 4 is very easy.

As you can see on the .pdf-document I zoomed in on 3 details of the light design. The head, the neck and the shoulder. The head contains the light, the neck makes sure that the circuits remains closed without preventing the mobiles to move freely. The shoulder will hould up the next arm of the mobile.

Step 2: The Head

Step 3: The Neck

Step 4: The Shoulder

Step 5: Connect and Hanging to the Ceilinig

If you repeats underlying steps for every arm, you will be able to assamble the lamb.

connect it to the power, close the light and enjoy the effect of the light on your space.

I hoped my photo's were clear enough to guide you through this tutorial.

More question are ofcours always welcome.

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    3 years ago

    This is a really pretty light fixture :)