KP Solowheel Ver.2




Well, after experience with wooden KP solo-wheel, i decide to rebuild it, hoping for better results. As always, material should be cheep but strong enough for such purpose. And also an important approach was drawings with general measurements, to get relation between weight and maneuverability.

One day I spot a Al-ladder on flee market I bought it with a 41 cm bicycle wheel.....few bucks.

Step 1: Assembling, Sawing, Rivets and So On...

Well. according idea an measurements I start to cut, assembling, riveting and after few days. ..prototype was made.

First impression: very light and stiff.

Step 2: Later Improvements...

You can see general look, as how it look in the transport form and seating form. Also same ways how ti get secure biong when the solowheel are streighten.... and so on. For me best is with two U-form on each sides at hinge place....

Step 3: Test on Velebit Mountain 2016

Croatian mountain Velebit is rough, dangerous, an most beautiful but inspired mountain. In winter freezing cold summer frying pan. Two national parks. Bears, fox, wild boar, deer, lynx, buzzard... flowers. bugs, birds. And human. But rare.

Last week I was on Velebit and:

Test show that where is a good path, without big rocks, solowheel fulfill all expectations. 27 kg pack is effortless to pull, instead carry a backpack.

On the rocky path you have to stop, carry contents as a backpack and after to continue. It is not for running. It was made to go slow, stop and stay and rest.

Sincerelly yours

KreŇ°imir Pregenik

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    6 months ago on Step 3

    I just found my next bucket list project. Thanks for the instructable.


    2 years ago

    this looks like an answer to bring me back to woods. After my accident which left me disabled and the things I use to do I can not do and relying on friends gets old quick. I miss going camping into the Adirondacks. Taking a hike into the woods until reaching the lake. It usually takes up to several times to get all your gear back to your camping site. With this cart, would make me more independent and less of a pain in the ass for my friends that they don't have to hall my junk back in forth. That would be great and I'mshore that they'll invite me more often if I wouldn't be a hindrance/ pain in the ass and hall all my gear in one trip and it wouldn't aggravate my condition and ruin the trip being in pain


    2 years ago

    Good photo-documentation! The countryside there looks beautiful.

    1 reply