K.P.L. (Knex Plane Launcher)

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 Have you ever wished for a way to get your paper planes to go farther? Now you can with my K.P.L! My first model of it, the V1.0, was so powerful that it launched the plane extremely hard. V1.0 is not for firing at anyone!

V1.1, however was a slightly gentler approach. The only thing you do to the V1.1 (which I documented) to make the V1.0 is to add three yellow connector segments to the barrel. So let's get started.

By the way, this thing was so powerful that it automatically  pulled the trigger, so I just took the trigger off. You'll see how to fire later.

Step 1: The Barrel

 This step will show you how to build the part in which the airplane will sit. Remember, for the 1.0, you need three extra segments.

Step 2: Firing Mech

 Basically holds the rubber band before firing. Really simple.

Step 3: Rubberband Placement

 How to place the rubber band, obviously!

Step 4: Bipod

 The bipod placement.

Step 5: Firing and Range Stats

 How to load and fire, and a taste of the power I got!



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    4 years ago

    How do you fire


    6 years ago on Introduction

    if i could have one i would turn it into a crossbow :333333

     Good idea, although the plane is not too hard. the basic principle is to fold it in half longways, then fold the top two halves over to the middle crease. Fold those tabs over and the plane is complete.

     yeah i have a airplane bullet that the rubber bands hit like this but dont crush through the paper. i even used 11 #64 rubber bands.

    12 replies

    and if your gonna rad on me about what you think, then im gonna rad on you about how i know you didnt get 235 ft with ur TR18 with red rod with wings. ive built it and used that ammo and didnt get close. so if i were you, i would take that out of the instructable and shut my mouth. 

     Actually... tr's EASILY get that range with red rod+fins. And there is tons of proof!
    You should make one!!! They are great!!!! XD

    i guess seeing is believing. but i dont have enough grey connectors :( and everytime i go to knex.com they are sold out of JUST that piece... and thanks for lookin at all my guns haha 

    Dude, if you are saying that you dont know the first thing about knex guns.

    KillerK, the original maker of the TR sot of 300ft with finned ammo and he has video proof. So how about you shut your mouth!

     well next time don't say stuff like that just to make people mad. you were pretty much fishing for a argument right there. 

     yeah dude believe me. im not going to waste my time to make a video with 3 feet of snow on the ground. even ask knexfreek.

     if theres too much weight in the front, depending on which type of plane you built, just replace the grey rod with a shorter one.


    9 years ago on Introduction

     i once made the same thing only i had a bended paperclip on the front so that it doenst push but pulls the plane forward.
    It you do that it can get more speed without destroying it!

    PS: the paperclip was bended like a S and stapled on the plane