Introduction: KRYPTONITE Display

Batman keeps kryptonite in case ol' Supes runs amok, and needs an attitude adjustment.  I have kryptonite because it makes such a great nightlight. 

  Ok. It's not real kryptonite.  It's a piece of green tint coke bottle slag glass on a lighted display stand. I colored the light bulb green with a Sharpie Brand Marker. 

  I paid three dollars for the chunk of glass from a guy selling them at the pigeon show.  I got the lighted display stand a local thrift store for two dollars.

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    5 years ago

    I love it. Me and my wife have murder mystery parties and we had a super hero themed one. The only kryptonite we could come up with was a chunk of jade this would have been a nice ouch.

    I picked up some of this kind of glass in Arkansas years ago from an Anchor Hocking glass plant. They had various shades of different colors of chunk glass sold by the pound. You can get some on ebay. Nice idea.