I want to be able to turn my raspberry pi on and off from my couch (for openelec) and my office (as fileserver), but basically you can use this box to power up/down anything you want. (All components from AliExpress)

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Step 1: Possible Switching

It works with de remote control that you get with the IR-Switch or by radio controller that comes with the Radio-Switch. You can as well use it with any programmable remote control e.g. Logitech...

Step 2: Possible Wiring

You can use the switches in "parallel mode" or go for "toggle switching".

When you use the switches in "parallel mode" you can only turn the device off when the other switch is in off position (obvious).

When you use the "toggle switching" you can switch it always by IR-Remote or Radio-Remote on and off but you might not know whitch button is the right one (depending on the toggle position the off button could as well turn the switch on and vice versa).

There are as well toggle command cards (IR-Controller with just one button for on/off) for the IR-Switch but i did not see any for the Radio-Switch.

Step 3: Wiring Done (parallel Mode)

Step 4: Costs

All in all it did cost me less than 15 USD. (everything ordered at AliExpress)

Step 5: Possible Improvements/options

You could as well get a bigger Box and make it a direct switch for standard plugs to turn on/off whatever you want up to 250 VAC and 10 A.

You could as well add a wirless switch you could buy as well at aliexpress.com.

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    1 year ago

    That's a neat setup, it would be a good entry for the wireless contest! :)