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Introduction: KSP Controller

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this is a game controller (kerbal space program)

Step 1: Material:

-1 arduino pro micro

-a lot of momentary buttons (4NO joystick , led buttons ... )

-toggle switch

-2 rotary encoders

-USB cables

-box to hold everything

-electrical wires

-hub USB

- tools (drill, screwdrivers, soldering iron, ...)

-old USB keyboard *optional* (to add more buttons) (step5)

-and of course Kerbal Space Program

Step 2: Emplacement of Buttons

this step is very important because your controller must be ergonomic

I recommand you to make prototypes on cardboard to try differents emplacements of buttons

Step 3: Drill Holes

when you're happy with your buttons emplacement, make marks with a pencil and then drill holes to the correct diameter

Step 4: Soldering !

place the buttons in their respective holes and start wiring according to the schematic

Step 5: More Buttons

*this step is optional*

the number of buttons in a matrix is limited so there is a solutio:

open an old USB keyboard and take the PCB inside

the electronic card of a keyboard has several pins and when two pins are connected with a wire, the keyboard write a character so you can try all the combinaisons to found the characters " 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,volume+ and volume-"

then weld buttons to corresponding pins and if it works each button should write a number on your laptop.

Step 6: Wires

when all is welded, it's almost done

we have 3 USB cables:

-1 for arduino

-1 for the keyboard card

-1 for the lights supply

so the solution is to add an USB hub inside.

(the pink foam is here to insulate because my box is a metal box).

Step 7: Sketch

I didn't make the arduino sketch.

the sketch which I use is this one (it's from the amstudio channel he made a button box for another game).

you also need library here

Step 8: Labels

print labels and stick them to the corresponding buttons.

Step 9: Assign

plug the controller at your computer and check with "joytokey" that all your buttons work

then launch KSP, go in settings,input and assign each button of your controller to a function.

Step 10:

this project is finish if you have questions to ask me: write a comment.

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    1 year ago

    I love this, I'll be making one of these for sure!