K.T.R, S.O.A.S, Desert Magnum




Introduction: K.T.R, S.O.A.S, Desert Magnum

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First gun is the K.T.R. This is a turret rifle. As you can see it was based of my oringinal ump but i thought it would be better if I added a turret. Its supposed to be used in CQB, so I made it as small as possible. Pro's and Con's below.


Pin Guide
Black dot sight
8-shot turret
Epic range
True Trigger
Looks boss


Turret is alittle unstable

The next gun is the S.O.A.S. Its a assault slingshot rifle. Read the Pro's and Con's


ironman69's rails
Check rest
VERY strong true trigger
comfortable handel and foregrip
Simple and easy to fix


Single shot

The last gun is the Desert Magnum. Its a basic assault pistol that packs a mini punch. Read Pro's and Con's


small piece count
6-7 round mag
Easy to reload
Also looks boss


Mag not removeable



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    but is it accurate? i mean, seeing as it has only 1 piece of sight (the black dot), it would be quite complicated to make it accurate. so, is it? and also, is it removable and do you have backup iron sights?

    Ummm I'm not sure I don't have it any more. Also, the sights don't detrmine how accurate the gun is,they just help you aim. Yes it was removable and i'm sure back-up iron sights could be easily made.

    yes, the sights don't determine if the gun is accurate, but if the sights aren't accurate according to the gun, then the sights aren't accurate, and having a 1 piece sight would make it inaccurate, even if the gun itself is accurate because a 1 piece sight can have many angles, not showing you the correct one. but don't you remember if the gun you made a few months ago was accurate? i remember all of my guns stats...

    Yes, the gun was accurate. Actully the gun did have a "two-piece" sight but I just gave it a dot sight for the purpose of the ible.

    I like the KTR and the SOAS, but the Desert Magnum could use a bit of work (most people do not like things that fire green/black rods.)

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    meh i know but i wanted to make a tiny pistol that used tiny ammo so yeah but thanks the kTR is my favorite

    ok thanks what do you mean "You know them better than I do" do you mean what it stands for?

    You have actually gotten to handle them, while we can get a general picture from what you have posted, we have not seen enough to accurately determine their performance.

    well the turret gun is your basic gun with the average range. The point I was trying to get across was that it was smaller and more compact.

    The SOAS is a slingshot with alittle over average range but the main point is that it looks alittle better and that it is indead a slim gun which is new for a slingshot gun.

    Sorry I didnt give so many picures.

    You've no need to apologize, I wasn't asking for a performance overview (but thank you anyway,) I was merely stating that a person who has handled something will always be more familiar with it than someone who hasn't. Besides, they look to be very good, it's nice to see people actually putting effort into their creations.