KTZ Project: DIY IPod Nano Dock



Introduction: KTZ Project: DIY IPod Nano Dock

KTZ Project: DIY iPod nano Dock

Sync with compuer
Charging with pc or adaptor
Play music with a output amp

Step 1: Prepare

iPod nano
iPod nano USB to PC
USB line
5v Adaptor (need 3, cut the 2 tails)
Box for iPod stand
a Doll just for fun
Audio jack
Mouse pad

Step 2: Make Ipod Stand

Step 3: Make the USB Sync Line for This Dock

Inside The USB lines:
Red for Vcc
Black for Gnd
Green for Usb+
White for Usb-

And then
Red and Black make one line (for power supply)
Green and White make the other (for data sync)

Step 4: Drill 3 Holes

we need 3 holes on the box back
one for audio
the other side 2 holes for usb

Inside the box, I use one usb female jack and soldering with the 2 usb hole.
the audio jack hole just soldering with the 3.5mm audio wire which we put in the ipod stand (the second step)

When done, Insert the orignal Apple USB to PC into the USB female jack, and close the box

Step 5: Put Your IPod on the Dock

Ok, Put the iPod on this Dock.

If you only want to charging the iPod with a 5v Adaptor, link to the hole for power supply (like second pic)

Or you want sync with PC, use the line we made at 3rd step, link to PC, of course you can also charge iPod with PC. (like third pic)

Step 6: Finally, for Fun

Put the doll on this iPod dock, just for fun.

PS. Sorry for my poor English writing, just enjoy the fun of DIY.

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