'Kaese & Wurst' Cookies




Intro: 'Kaese & Wurst' Cookies

Tired of sweet looking sweets? Try making delicious 'Kaese & Wurst'-style cookies...

You need these ingredients:

250g flour
100g fine sugar
150g flakes of butter (butter should be cold)
1 egg yolk
lemon zest

powdered sugar
food coloring

Step 1: Recipe For

1. Mix ingredients
2. Make ball of dough
3. Leave dough ball in fridge for 1 hour

4. roll out dough with rolling pin (2-3cm thick)

Step 2: Cut Out Cheesy Shapes

carefully cut out cheesy shapes with knife

Step 3: Round Shape

cut out round shapes with champagne glas

Step 4: Go On...

be careful with the holes in cheesy shape

Step 5: Baking

bake for about 8-10 minutes (convection oven: 180 celsius)

Step 6: Cool Off

almost done!
allow to cool off for a while

Step 7: Finishing Touch

choose yellow and pink colors to give them cookies a nice sugary topping

Step 8: Fertig!

Fertig sind die Butter-Ausstecherle im neuen Gewand...



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    9 Discussions

    is the thing that was used to cut the circles the neck of a bong? ;P jk jk great instructable, looks yummeh!


    10 years ago on Introduction

    What a neat idea! The cheese is quite convincing. Maybe you should mix some red and white sprinkles into the icing for the wurst cookies for that speckled-sausage effect?