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Introduction: Kaleidocycle Paper Toy With a Hand Drawn Design

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I recommend this project for everyone who loves drawing or painting. You can make a really cool paper toy for kids or an unusual greeting card for people of different age. It is called Kaleidocycle. The technique is something like origami but a bit different. Generally, it's a folding toy, so, be ready for lots of folding :) But the result is worth trying!

You will need simple materials:

  • card stock or thick paper A4 (for example, watercolor paper)
  • a pencil
  • a ruler
  • scissors
  • rubber/eraser
  • strong glue (clear super glue or hot glue or any other strong)
  • what you are comfortable to draw with (color pencils or markers or paints, etc).

Below you will find photo tutorial but I recommend to watch step-by-step video tutorial, it makes everything clear.

Step 1: Build a Template and Cut It Out

It's important to be precise in measurements to get a neat result.

Step 2: Draw Diagonal Lines With a Ruler

Step 3: Fold All Vertical and Diagonal Lines

First, score vertical and diagonal lines with scissors or any thin, not very sharp object. Folding will be much easier after that. Also, on this step cut off a triangular piece like shown on the third picture.

Step 4: Now Glue Pieces Together

Step 5: Start Drawing or Painting Your Design (first Make a Pencil Sketch, Then Color)

Even if you can't draw free hand well, you can success on this step. The design can be very simple, it can be, for example, color shapes, flowers, hearts (why not an idea for St. Valentine's day by the way), etc.

As you can see, I made a new year theme kaleidocycle that is a Happy New Year greeting card at the same time. My daughter was really exited to get such a toy!

I invite everyone to visit my youtube channel for more ideas and tutorials.



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Wow, you made it! I'm so glad that this idea has inspired you, your comment made me happy!


2 years ago

Love this project - thank you for sharing! The Instructables tutorial and video both excellent and very well presented. This is my first page like and user follow at Instructables!

1 reply

Thank you very much for your kind words. I'm sure your experience on this site will be great!

It would be fun to take it apart and see how all the drawings are laid out! Good job!

1 reply

Oh, yes, it would be very interesting! Maybe I'll do it one day :)

This is so cool!

I love how you've take a pretty complex project and presented it in such an accessible way. Very nicely done!

1 reply

Thank you very much, I really appreciate your comment!