Kalter Hund (German Dessert)

Introduction: Kalter Hund (German Dessert)

I’ve been living in Germany for my entire life now, but still I have not taken the chance yet to make some Kalter Hund. Literally translated, “Kalter Hund” means “cold dog.” But, no worries, no dogs were harmed in this video.

Kalter Hund is a chocolate cookie cake that is super easy to make, if you follow a few simple, slick steps.

Let’s make!

Step 1: Ingredients

Step 2: Making the Cream

Kalter Hund is basically a cookie-chocolate cream cake. So let's start with the chocolate cream :)

Add coconut cream, cocoa powder, icing sugar and eggs into a big bowl. Then mix the ingredients into a cream. This may take a while if you do it by hand. If you want a few clums of coconut butter in the cream, do the mixing by hand. If you want the cream to be super smooth, I suggest you use an electric mixer.

Step 3: Preparing the Form

Now, let's prepare the tray for our Kalter Hund. To do so, take aluminum foil and cover the tray with it properly. Then add another layer of cling film. You want to make sure that the foil is lining the box nicely.

Step 4: Add the First Layer of Chocolate Cream

So now you now why the foil and film have to line to the tray properly... Add the first chocolate cream layer.

Step 5: Add the First Cookie Layer and Cream

Add the first layer of cookies and then spread the next layer of chocolate cream over it.

Step 6: Chocolate Cream and Cookies

Continue adding layers of chocolate cream and cookie until there is no cream left. Make sure to spread out the cream nicely.

Step 7: Cool Down

Allow the Kalter Hund to cool down for two to three hours in the fridge until it is firm.

Step 8: You Made It! Enjoy!

See, wasn't too hard after all. I hope you enjoyed making the dessert. Enjoy!

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    4 years ago

    Looks tasty ^^


    4 years ago

    Funny name, but it looks delicious!