Kangaroo Scrotums for the Gamer Groomsmen




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Formal event, groomsmen gifts - a Kangaroo Scrotum, of course!  We gave out these scrota with jewels inside.  Not real jewels in any sense of the term...but ones to play with. Or eat.  Still sounds bad, I know.  But the boys loved them.

A lot of my husband's friends are gamers, so I decided to suggest to him that he give them dice.  My guy loves a good royal purple, so we chose to give sets in his favorite color.  I wanted to go beyond the simple dice gift and have them put into a bag that they can use when they game.  I found a seller online who sold me 9 of these kangaroo scrotum and at a nice price. 

For the non-gamers, my brothers, I put zebra striped gum into the pouches and some other candies that would excite them.  They were a big hit, for the guys who were accepting of their new sack.

Step 1: Buy the Dice!

This is the exact set that we bought - http://www.rpgshop.com/d-and-d-dice-and-bags/pearl-dice/pearl-purple-set-7.html 

Just make sure to buy them ahead of time, choose a color that you like and something universal.  And if you don't go with dice, just put something small in the scrotes that the particular guy would like.  It will be a nice surprise.  

Step 2: Buy the Scrotums

I got mine from Col at Amazing OZ.  He was very awesome to deal with, he's a nice guy and he gave me a good deal for buying in bulk.  (We had to make sure to get extras, one for me and one for my husband.)

You will see, elsewhere online, that the prices are higher for this quality and size.  I did lots of research and found a great place to buy.  (That's just how I am.  I always have to research before I commit to purchase.)

Step 3: Gift Them!

I just put each sack into some tissue paper and then into a drawstring bag that was dark blue.  (It was an organza pouch.)  It worked out well and we just tied a tag to each pull string with the name of the future scrotum owner.

The guys loved them and they were surprised.  Most of them didn't even know that these things existed and laughed at the fact that they are commonplace to use.  Well, in Australia.  ;)  

Hope you enjoyed my idea and you can do this for any party, any favors or gifts that you choose.  Affordable kangaroo scrotums are easier to be universally applied for any occasion.  My husband takes his to gaming sessions every Friday when he meets up with the guys.  His friends still use theirs, too.  :)



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    7 years ago on Introduction

    That's a nice idea, but at $12 each, I find it a bit expensive. I mean, for $12 you can buy enough leather to make 10 pouches. Of course it won't be a kangaroo scrotum, but it will do the job...

    2 replies

    Reply 7 years ago on Introduction

    that's funny that you mentioned that! i cut up an old leather skirt and sewed it into a pouch for him before we got married because he wanted one. but now we have real ones. but it does work! try it with an old purse or some leather at a thrift store. :)


    Reply 7 years ago on Introduction

    I'm glad I awakened some good memories on you talking about the pouches. I know those are the real ones, but it would be funnier (I like DIY stuff) making it with wet leather, forming it to have a pouch without sews. Anyway, those kangaroo balls, I mean, scrotums, are really good looking.


    7 years ago on Introduction

    Not gonna lie, my coworkers and I got a pretty big kick out of this when I saw it this morning, but I love the idea! :D I have a feeling that a few of my favorite men will be getting scrotums (scrota?) for birthdays and Christmas this year... MWUHAHAHAHAHA.

    1 reply

    Reply 7 years ago on Introduction

    hahaha :D it's a big...surprise! ;) when they get them. :D and yeah, not to sure about the plural, the Aussie i bought them from says "scrotes" haha.