Kanha and Soliday Machine

Introduction: Kanha and Soliday Machine

About: This is a collection of projects made by students at the Liger Learning Center. We are a learning facility which provides a 21st century education to gifted and talented students from around Cambodia.

We make the machines

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Step 1: Plan You Machines

First we need to plan the machines. We draw the picture that we wants. and things about what you wants to make? How can you make it strong? First i watch some video and than I things and than I draw it.

Step 2: Find the Card Board

First we need to find the card board to make the box and cut the picture to make strong.

Step 3: Find Materials

We find materials have stick scissors pencil wood idea iPod knife paper card board ruler color color paints tube glue gun glue brush

Step 4: To Make the Card Board Strong

We need to draw the picture two time and glue it together

Step 5: Draw the Crocodile and Buterfly

First we draw the crocodile and butterfly in the book first and than color it . When we finish the drawing and color we draw it on the card board and color it

Step 6: Do the Holes to Put the Stick

First we need to find the tidy thing to hole.and than we put the stick

Step 7: Do the Hole of the Card Board

First we find the tidy things to hole it.

Step 8: Put the Stick on the Card Board

And than we take the stick and hole the card board in to the shap

Step 9: Glue the Stick and Card Board

And we take the hot glue gun to glue it stronger and sticker

Step 10: Make the Crocodile to Open the Mouth

And than we take the braid to hole it and than try .how can the crocodile open the mouth and drop

Step 11: Glue the Crocodile

Glue the crocodile to make it stronger and we sure we do it strong and not move

Step 12: Stick With Butterfly

And we take the stick to glue it with butterfly and make it stronger

Step 13: Look at It

After we stick with butterfly we look at it .is it work? If it not work you need to try again.

Step 14: Stick the Paper With the Box and the Picture

And than when you finish you need to paint but when we paint we need to stick the paper with the box and the picture

Step 15: Find the Color Paint Brush and Water

And we go to paint. The first we need to find the color paint brush and water to wash the brush .if we not wash the brush and than we use other color the color will mixed

Step 16: Paints

And than we going to paints with the color that you like if you want to mixed the color you can do it .

Step 17: Finish

And than you finish

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    6 years ago on Introduction

    I really like the crocodiles mouth. Does it really move up and down when you turn the handle?