Kanzashi Flowers With Beads : DIY Satin Ribbon Flower



Introduction: Kanzashi Flowers With Beads : DIY Satin Ribbon Flower

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Kanzashi Flowers is an art and craft idea that makes for an absolute Quick and simple DIY Project. That you can use in a variety of ways. These DIY Satin Ribbon Handmade Flowers are an awesome idea that make for an awesome Gift Wrapping Project and also appropriate for your DIY Sewing Projects. There is absolutely no need for any craft supplies that you need especially to make these fabulous DIY Satin Ribbon Flowers. Just a few Satin Ribbons in different colors!

Make this Pretty Kanzashi Satin Ribbon Flowers with the help of an easy step by step craft tutorial.

Step 1: Material Needed

Satin Ribbon

White 5 cms width

Pink 2.5 cm width








Craft wire

Glue gun & Stick

Step 2: Let's Begin!

Cut out 6 pieces of White ribbon measuring 10 cm each.

Fold the ribbon lengthwise in a pleated manner.

Make all 6 petals similarly.

Watch the complete step by step tutorial on how to make the petals.

Step 3: Make Pink Petals

Cut 4 cm long satin ribbon pieces in pink satin ribbon.

Trim one corner of the petal to get a gap in the center.

Watch the tutorial to learn how to make this Pink Petals.

Step 4: Build Your Craft!

Paste the Pink petal in the center of the White one.

Cut out two circular cut outs using foam base.

Paste the petals on the circular foam base.

Step 5: Add Some Decorations!

Take craft wire and shape it in S shape.

Insert pearls as shown and paste the wires under the flower, sealing it with the second circular foam cut out.

Your Kanzashi Satin Ribbon Flower is ready.

Step 6: Kanzashi DIY Satin Ribbon Flower

This DIY Satin Ribbon Flower is a beautiful piece of satin ribbon crafts, that you can very easily make for your DIY Crafts Projects. Such beautiful & pretty Satin Ribbon Crafts are an amazing art and craft activity for kids that they can make during their School projects. This DIY Satin Ribbon Flower is used for making amazing Floral Headband and other wedding accessory for Kanzashi DIY Satin Ribbon Flower.

An easy step by step tutorial on how to make DIY Satin Ribbon Flower.

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