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I have worked on this Karambit and just finished it up recently. The steel is from a TV stand and is 1/4 inch. It is most likely low carbon steel. I cut the steel's rough shape with and angle grinder and finished up with much file work. The bevel was done exactly the same. I tempered it with motor oil. The handle is an exotic Brazilian wood but i do not recall the name. I got it from a furniture shop through my uncle. The brass pins are 1/4 inch brass from the local hardware store. The sheath is leather from an old bag and is about 1/16 inch. I put it together with staples. I would have to estimate it took me 15 hours or so. Constructive criticism is most appreciated.



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    7 years ago on Introduction

    looks like a really good first effort! wish i could see more pictures though.
    it would be a good idea to polish the exposed steel on the blade, use a needle and thick thread to properly complete that sheath. good job!

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    How would you recommend i do that? My only plan was to use a buffing wheel on my bench grinder along with fine sandpaper. Is that the best way to go? Thank you for your input

    you might need to us a sander to get out those tooling marks, but you have the right idea to mage it shine! use some polishing compound to do some final hand polishing

    black hole

    6 years ago on Introduction

    I purchased a piece of 1/4 inch titanium off of ebay and plan to make a slightly scaled down version of this:

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    Good luck to say the least! ive never tried working with titanium but i would have to expect it to be different. sorry for not responding earlier

    Yeah, the stuff I got is pure, which means it's a little on the soft side, but I figured, "What the heck, I'll give it a try."


    6 years ago on Introduction

    Very nice, I really love Karambit knives. They are so versatile. Ask Riddick! Keep at it, you will get better with time! Maybe some finger grooves would look awesome. Four would do nicely. Thanks for sharing. Pax. Triumphman.

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