Karen's Queen Anne Display Cage




Introduction: Karen's Queen Anne Display Cage

Here is a beautiful Oak Display Cage featuring oak Queen Ann legs, 3/16" acrylic panels, Crown Moulding, Friendly Feeders, UV lighting and an Air cleaning and filtering system. The cage measures 36 inches tall, 42 inches wide, and 24 inches deep. The legs are 24" tall, making the unit 60 inches tall (plus a couple more for the Crown Moulding)

Great idea, Karen!!

Step 1: Attaching Skirt and Legs to Cage Bottom

Find the cage bottom piece and turn it upside down. Note where the front side is marked. Now get the four pieces of the skirt in place; front, back, left and right sides(as if looking from the front). Also, there are numbers on the ends that correspond to the correct leg number. So everything should match in each corner.

First, use 1" screws to attach the skirt to the cage bottom. Line up the predrilled holes to the holes in the bottom.

Next, use 1 5/8" screws to attach the skirt to the legs. Everything should be nice and tight. Then flip the unit onto the legs.

Step 2: Cage Panels Assembly A, B, C and Drawer Placement

First, get the plexiglass panels attached to the frames. Each piece is marked with the matching letter to the frame that is marked on the top crossbar of each one. The plexi tape is on the side that faces inside the cage and is the top edge. You can line up the predrilled holes and attach with the 1/2" black pan head screws. First, peel back both sides of the manufacturer's protective film from the edges to attach. You can remove the entire film later after everything is assembled.

Then, start with panel A, which is the back panel. Line up the predrilled holes from under the bottom piece into the bottom crossbar of the panel. Use three 2" screws to attach. These can go nice and tight. Then work clockwise to Panel B. There are two 2" screws, as well as for Panel C on the opposite side.

Use 12 5/8" screws to attach Panels B & C to Panel A, going through the inside of the door frame. There are two screws used in each panel, one about an inch from the top, and one about halfway down. Nice and tight.

Then place the drawer over the bottom piece in between the panels. It should slide in easily, not hanging up on the sides. If so, you can adjust the side panels out just a touch.

Step 3: Panel D and the Top With Crown Moulding, and Accessories

Panel D is attached just above the drawer to Panels B & C with 1 5/8" screws through the inside of the front door frames. There are three screws in each side. Nice and tight. There should be a 1/8" space between the drawer and the panel to let it slide easily.

Next, I left the crown Moulding attached, so lift the top onto the cage and attach using 1 1/4" screws. Nice and tight and the cage is finished.

The friendly feeders fit it the cutouts in Panel B and attach with their own hardware in the predrilled holes.

I have two cutouts for the lights to fit in, including where the power cord fits.

The air cleaner and cover will just sit on the screen and pull the air up.

That's it!! Enjoy!!

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