Katamari Crudite


Introduction: Katamari Crudite

Impress some nerds at your next gathering with this Katamari-themed veggie tray!

Cabbage (1)
Radishes (8)
Cucumbers (2)
Baby carrot (1)

Others pictured here, but could be substituted for pretty much anything you like
Red peppers
Cheddar cheese
Lemon rind filled with fruit dip

Wooden skewers
Blue, white and green construction paper
Print out of the King of All Cosmos

Cutting board

Or, if you would rather a less edible, more pen-holdy katamari...

Step 1: Radish Ends

A head of cabbage makes an excellent katamari and radishes are the perfect size to use as the ends...
  • Wash and cut radishes in half
  • Slice off the very end off each half
  • Push toothpicks into cabbage, leaving about 1/2" exposed
  • Press radish halves onto toothpicks
  • Evenly distribute radishes around entire cabbage

Step 2: Construct Prince

The Prince is constructed from 2 cucumbers, a baby carrot and 4 green beans...

  • Cut both ends off  two small cucumbers
  • Cut one of the cucumbers in half
  • Take one of the halves and carve out a rectangle from the outer peel
  • Remove small band of peel from both ends
  • Take two of the end pieces and attach one to each side of the head with toothpicks
  • Stick a baby carrot in the top of the head to make the antenna
  • Take the other half of the cucumber and press one or two toothpick in one end
  • Attach head to body using the aforementioned toothpicks
  • Run toothpicks through two green beans, leaving a bit of toothpick exposed on one end
  • Press legs into body at toothpick end
  • Take the ends cut off the second cucumber (these will be the feet)
  • Cut a small circle out of the middle of each foot (approximately green bean in diameter)
  • Run toothpicks through two green beans, leaving a bit of toothpick exposed on one end
  • Press toothpick ends into body at a reasonable arm position

Step 3: Prince Placement

Set The Prince up next to the cabbage katamari in a rolling stance.

Now, The Prince did remain standing for the duration of the display, but i won't lie, it was precarious.  I recommend setting up the veggies in the same place it will remain throughout the event.  Also, make sure that the cabbage is stable, as it provides most of the support for The Prince.

Step 4: Load Up Katamari

Toothpicks and/or skewers of fruits, veggies and cheeses can now be added...
...along with turnip flowers : )

Step 5: Background

Add Brussels sprout bushes, mixed green grass and weird fruit trees of strawberry and melon atop artichokes (or whatever weird fruit trees you can imagine).

And don't discard those rinds!  They can be filled with dips or salsa.  The lemon pictured here is happily holding a yogurt fruit dip.

The example here, while a little out of control, is a very simple example of what can be done with the Katamari theme.  It could be applied to a wide variety of foods and/or represent different levels of the game.  A skilled garnish maker could do an amazing representation of the flower level...

...and yes, that is a request.



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    7 Discussions

    This brought back so many memories of the Katamari games. Loved the post!

    o joy i am an almost skilled garnish maker yay

    I love the Katamari games, so original and weird and satisfying...all the same things I love about this Instructable. Very creative!