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Introduction: Katamoron - Catamaran Model

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We decided with friends to start a catamaran project in Prinkipo Island Istanbul.
We do exactly the model of the body.

Arkadaşlarla Büyükada’da bir katamaran projesine başlayalım dedik.
Bunun için önce gövdesinin bire bir maketini yaptık.

Step 1: 3D Drawing

I found in web the 3D model of the catamaran.

After transferring the 3D model to blender I draw the keel and curves of the body.

İnternetten Hobie Cat teknenin 3 boyutlu çizimini buldum.

Blender programına aktardıktan sonra gövdenin omurgasını ve eğrilerini çıkarttım.


I exported the jpeg image to inkscape.
I draw curves on the image and printed to a paper.

3 boyutlu imajı jpeg olarak incscape programına aktardım.
Fotoğraf üzerinden eğrileri çizdim ve kağıda bastım.


Step 2: Contruction of the Model

I glued the paper on a thin plywood an cut it with a jigsaw.

We covered the model with duck tape.

We plastered it with polyester paste.

For quick drying the paste we put the model in the wind.

We sanded it.

We painted it.

Kağıdı ince kontraplaka yapıştırıp kestim.

Maketi koli bandı ile kapladık.

Polyester macun çektik.

Macunun rüzgarda çabuk kuruması için yere diktik.



Step 3: Advisers


Fishermen and last reviews!

Balıkçı ağabeyler değerlendirme yapıyor!


Fisherman submits new ideas!

Balıkçı kardeş yeni fikirler öne sürüyor!


Fisherman Ayhan playing catamaran!

Balıkçı Ayhan katamaran çalıyor!


Baturalp was bored and decided to be a monkey!

Baturalp sıkıldı ve maymun oldu!

Step 4: Last Status!

We painted it.

Selülozik boya ile boyadık.


Duct tape is not suitable for coating.
Making crash.
To use a harder material is better.

Koli bandı kaplama için uygun değil.
Çökme yapıyor.
Doğrusu daha sert bir malzeme kullanmak!

And the project continues.
At this link You will see the Pet bottle boat for studying materials.

Ve proje devam ediyor.
Burada malzeme denemesi için pet şişelerle bir tekne yaptık!




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    12 Discussions

    great post!! the boat looks good. I'd say drop the advisors and you'll be fine :-D

    Finally I found an instructable that is in English as well as the writer's native language at the same time. I applaud you and thank you for a wonderful instructable. I may not be able to make it soon, but this is definitely on my long term to do list!

    3 replies

    Dear sztakacs,

    Thank You very much for your supportive comment.
    I am writing in English via google translate!

    For that reason sometimes it is very funny.

    To write and think in native language is very important
    to make revolution in the culture!

    In my country Turkey most of private schools they give the lessons
    in English. If you can't dream in English You can't fly to Jupiter!

    Most of my people can't speak English and for that reason they are afraid of English web sites. And Turkish web sites are limited.

    For the world I write in English and for the development of my country in Turkish.

    Ich möchte auch in Deutsch schreiben.
    Aber es ist lustiger denn mein Englisch.

    My name is
    Utku ... Victory ... Sieg

    Şerefe (Cheers) sztakacs!

    You should look up a dictionary for the meaning of "moron". You probably would want to rename your boat. Looks much too good for such a name.

    6 replies

    In English... Catamaran!

    In Turkish... Katamaran!

    The meaning of "moron" is in Turkish stupid!

    So this catamaran is stupid!

    You can think as a trademark! (Hobie Cat ... MAD)

    Thank You for your comment.

    You found it xD

    I don't think this is a boat for morons. Absolutely not! Maybe I can adopt this for my karate lessons. Kata is some figurative fight. And Kata Moron would be the fight against stupid people ;-)

    Btw. Long time ago (more than 30 years) I had been for a yacht trip near Bodrum. Very pleasant remembrance!

    Dear ThomasK19...

    I wanted to tell something to my country with this boat.

    Maybe is this boat is not a moron... Maybe we all Turks are moron because of our civil war!

    But after your explanation of Moron... Find please the new name of the KataMoron.

    I will rename it just for You dear Sir.

    I am so tired of playing this war!

    I can pay you only 1 bottle of Jack... This my composition!

    Thank you very much! I wished we could have met and played together (I once played guitar too, but I ruined my left hand 15 years ago). I hope everything will come to a good end in Turkey. We're watching what happens and I'm sure that most people in Germany (and where ever) are with you!

    Left hand is no problem... You can play also only with your other hand!

    Just play electro guitar with amplification and pedal!

    This is very hard for me... Classical guitar!


    Honestly, that would be a bit too reduced for me. I used to play classical guitar and meanwhile I just listen since I know I will never be able to play again. No worries. Listening is nice too. I can accompany the player in my mind :-)