Katy Perry Birthday Martini

Introduction: Katy Perry Birthday Martini

About: John Kramer and Mark Fleming are SuperTenders serving the comedic and cocktail needs of the Chicago Improv Community.

Saturday, October 25th is Katy Perry's Birthday! If you're a fan of Katy, you'll want to raise your glass to toast the California Girl!

Step 1: Katy Perry's Birthday Is Oct. 25th

The SuperTenders are big fans of Katy, so we've created a special "Katy Perry Birthday Martini" to honor Katy's 29th birthday!

Step 2: Start Out With a Chilled Martini Glass

Chill a martini glass in the fridge for a few minutes. Then into an iced shaker cup (just a few cubes) add:

2 oz Vanilla Vodka. Smirnoff Vanilla will work fine.

Step 3: Then Add . . .

To the shaker cup now add:

1 oz Raspberry Liquor. Chambord works well, but you can use something less expensive.

1 oz Creme de Cacao. But really, any good chocolate liquor will work well -- especially Godiva.

1/2 oz Cream -- heavy cream or half and half work best!

Step 4: Shake It Up

Cover your shaker cup and shake the ingredients up "Real Good!"

Now, sprinkle some cake sprinkles onto a plate. Then take a piece of fruit like a lime or an orange and run into along the rim of your chilled martini glass, until its well moistened.

Turn the glass over and run it through the spinkles so they will adhere to the rim of the glass.

Try and make it look pretty!

Step 5: Pour the Drink Into the Glass

Now carefully use a strainer and pour the drink into the chilled, candy coated glass. Then take some Champagne or other sparkling white wine and pour a little into the top of the glass.

Step 6: Toast Katy Perry

Now raise you martini glass and make a toast to the California Girl's birthday. And remember to always Garnish With Pride!

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