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Introduction: Katy Perry Smurfette Costume Halloween 2013

A fun and cost effective way to be smurfette. Items needed: 1 poster board, Elmer's Glue, tweezers, scissors, pencil . 1 needle and thread (fishing line works too) , 1 role blue, 1 sky blue 1 black, 1 yellow -Sharpie Markers.  Sequins- White 2 yards, Black 1 yard, Yellow 5yards, Royal blue 2 yards, Sky blue 4 yards. 1 blue fur buff(x-mas tree ornament from Michaels) 1 white dress- Akira after season sale 7 dollars, 1 blond wig(5.00 thrift store) wig spray so you can clean and comb it if used. I can of brown spray in hair color ( for highlights), 1 piece of wax paper (used for highlights on wig. 1 yellow hair flower(1.00 at Walgreens). 2 pieces of white felt( Michaels) for Hat. 5-6 Hair pins. 1 pair of Katy Perry Eyelashes(claires) blue elyeliner and green teal eyeshadow. 1 black eyeliner, 1 golden eyeshadow.

Step 1: Initial Outline of Smurf( Enlarged to Fit Across Front of Body.

 Draw an outline of Smurfette's face on the poster board Be sure to line her up on your body for a rough estimate of what size she should be. Outline her in  Black Marker once you have the size correct.

Step 2: Filling in the Face Outline With Markers

Color in the areas of Smurfette's face with the Sharpie Markers (helps Hide the gaps between the sequins)

Step 3: Sequin Prepartion

Detach your sequins from the spools using an Exacto knife. keep them in a ziplock bag so they don't mix together (be careful not to knick our fingers with the Exacto ;-).

Step 4: Filling in Sequins to Outline of Smurf Face

Using tweezers and Elmers glue attach the sequins to the poster board. ( Be patient with yourself and done just throw them on there). Its easiest to go in a straight line.  Continue in each section until she is completely filled in ( approximately 5 hrs and 2,360 sequins) I am very detailed. Let her dry completely (overnight just to be safe if you are heavy handed with glue) before you add the black outline of sequins on to the face.

Step 5: Attaching Smurfette Face to Dress

Attach the completed smurfette with fishing line and needle to 1 sheet of white foam ( michaels craft section) this allows easy attachment to the White dress. Because the poster will be rigid due to the glue and sequins you don't want them to pop off or be unable to dance or move.  At the top tack, dart( sew the hat to the top of the dress) and the yellow part of her hair to the other side. placing 1 dart on each side. left and right. and place 1 dart ( or tack in the middle of the hair onto dress. Don't attach it in too many places as the board will be hard to move and you wont be able to drive/sit without bending her face.

Step 6: Tail Assembly

Turn the dress over and cut the string off the blue fur x-mas ornament(purchased from Michaels) and use the fishing line to attaché to the back of the dress 1 dart or knot will do for a smurf tail)

Step 7: Blonde Wig- Highlights

Find a blond curly wig- If used purchase wig cleaning spay and clean it prior to use. Take a comb and (patience) and apply wig spray to each curl and comb  through any tangles that may be in the wig. Usually wig cleaning spay has a nice citrus smell. Once you have cleaned the wig. Let I dry completely. (24hrs). The next day cut a small hole into wax paper and pull each curl half way though and spray with brown temp spray in hair color(can get from beauty supply or Walgreens CVS. Spray each curl lightly with brown color (don't overdo  it will cause the spray to run off- a real mess). Do this for each curl around the lower protion of the curl to create an ombre effect. Let it dry overnight. Add your yellow flower clip to either side of the wig near the ear.

Step 8: Smurf Hat Assembly

 Take 2 pieces of  white felt( Michaels craft section) and pace them on top of each other draw the outline of "J" for the smurf hat and cut out. Take both pieces and turn inside out and sew together at edges with continuous stitch using needle and Fishing line. Once done turn it right side out and fold up at the bottom. Tah-dah instant smurf hat. FYI- if you don't like the J of the hat sticking up in the air you can tack(dart) the tip of the hat to the front of the hat so you don't look like a unicorn.

Step 9: Make-up and Eyelashes

Quick Makeup. Apply primer to the top and bottom of the eye(important for under the eye prevents pigments from falling out) Step1. Apply a neutral gold color to the top of your lids and under the water line of lower lids. Step 2 Take the teal/green color and apply heavily to the top of the eyelid and under the waterline of lower lid. Step 3. Take black eyeliner and line the waterline of the inner lid and bottom waterline of eye ( make sure to be careful since you are lining under the eyelashes and along the inner waterline of the eye. Step 4 take black liquid eyeliner and line the top of eyelid with cat eye shaped liner extend edge out past corner. Step 5 take electric blue liquid liner and apply under the lower lid eyelashes and blend. Repeat the teal under lower lid to blend with the blue. Step 6 add Katy Perry Lashes .. And lipstick and you are SMURFETTE.

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