Two Ways to Build a Shamrock

Introduction: Two Ways to Build a Shamrock

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Hello, everyone! Welcome to my first ever instructable! (Please be kind, for I am still young.) Today I am going to make 2 versions of shamrocks. One of them is going to be from trees. The other one is going to be from coal and emeralds. So, what are you waiting for? Let's start building!

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Step 1: Supplies

For shamrock #1, you are going to need logs and leaves. I used oak for mine. For shamrock #2, you need coal blocks and emerald blocks. If you want to just want to make shamrock #2, skip to step 9.

Step 2: Find a Flat Surface

There are 3 options: 1) Find a flat surface. 2) Make one by breaking blocks. 3) Make this creation on a superflat world.

Step 3: Base #1

Just make a tower that is 8 blocks tall with wood. If you're on survival mode, make sure you place dirt blocks next to you, so you won't take damage.

Step 4: Side

Choose one of the sides and make a bar 5 blocks wide.

Step 5: Leaves

Place the leaves so it looks like an arrow like the picture.

Step 6: 3D Effect

Make another arrow on top of the first. Do the same thing on the other side.

Step 7: Leaves, Another Way

Follow the first 4 pictures, then make a hole in the middle so you can see wood. Next you'll need to wrap the rest of the wood with leaves, so it looks like a hot dog covered with a croissant roll (otherwise pigs in a blanket). Now place leaves so it looks like you see Wheatley from Portal 2. Then add the lines on top like so, and then you do the top leaves.

Step 8: Top Leaves

See the wood block on the top. Make a tower 5 blocks tall on top of that. Then wrap it with leaves so it looks like another pig in a blanket. If you look at the top of a side leaf, you can make a 6 block tower. Make another eye and you're done!

Step 9: Base #2

Make a 8 block tall tower with coal blocks. (Sorry, I did this during the night.)

Step 10: Leaves

Follow the pictures this time, but the center stalk should be 5 blocks tall (not 6 like the picture shows). Sorry!

Step 11: Finished!

Thank you for reading my first instructable! Please leave me a comment if you liked this! NOTE: When commenting on this, please use appropriate language. Kids could be reading this instructable (including me!).


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