Kawaii Halloween Cupcake Toppers Created With Modelling Chocolate




Introduction: Kawaii Halloween Cupcake Toppers Created With Modelling Chocolate

About: Nicx is a designer, letterpress printer, maker, event planner and (gluten free) home baker. Wanderer. Lover of cocktails in teacups. Australian expat residing in Lausanne, Switzerland

I struggle to get excited about Halloween, probably because it was never part of my childhood. I adore the little children who turn up covered in sheets requesting candy, but I'm the sort of person who when faced with either watching a horror movie or a couple of hours inspecting paint drying... I'd take the paint!

So when a friend of mine requested I come up with some Halloween themed cupcake toppers for a party, I was baffled. I did some research and just couldn’t get excited about making scary, ghoulish cupcake toppers dripping in fake blood. So I considered how else I could put them together. I looked up at my collection of Bearbrick’s and saw the Horror ones I had, they were quite cute! So my idea for kawaii Halloween cupcake toppers was born!

I made a batch of white modelling chocolate and coloured it with gel food colouring, rolling the different coloured chocolate out on a piece of baking paper laid over the top of my cutting mat. I left the chocolate to harden for a few hours. Usually this is a big no-no for working with modelling chocolate. But I've discovered that when a little dry, it's really easy to get a nice clean line when cut with a scalpel or x-acto knife. 

Laying cutouts of the templates I created over the top of the semi hardened modelling chocolate, I cut out the individual pieces.

I then carefully sandwiched the pieces together adhered with a little simple syrup and allowed them to dry. Adding the eyes out of small flattened balls of white and black modelling chocolate. I then cut in the the mouths and scar on Frankenstein (again using my scalpel).

Once they were reasonably hard I placed them on the frosted cupcakes.

Making modelling chocolate is really quite easy. You melt chocolate in a double boiler, add corn syrup, stir to combine and place in cling wrap in the fridge to harden. Kneading it to add colour and to smoothen it (much like fondant).

But rather than have me recreate a tutorial on it; I suggest you go and look at this one. It’s fabulously detailed and allows you to see what to do if you have too little or too much corn syrup in your modelling chocolate.

So I’ve created a template that you can print and use to create the modelling chocolate versions or you can print them out onto card, cut each of the figures out and stick to candy sticks to insert in your cupcakes! You can download the template from my blog (it's at the bottom of the post) here

Happy Kawaii Halloween!

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