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About: i'm a 27 year old crafter living in boston. a few things that make me happy are bunnies, the color blue, bakers twine, nachos, books, traveling, yarn, paper, and photos.

Kappa are water imps that live in Japanese folklore.  They're a human, frog, duck, monkey hybrid sort of thing.  The first time I saw a Kappa was in the video game "Harvest Moon" (one of the cutest video games ever made!) and I thought they were hilarious.  They like to eat cucumbers and in the game, you toss a cucumber into a pond to make a little Kappa will appear.  In Japanese folklore, these guys are pretty frightening but Kawaii Kappa is as friendly as can be  :)  This little Kappa was fairly easy to make and I love his little shell.  The shell also helps prop him up so that he sits nicely.



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    I play harvest moon! And I totally agree with you... The cutest video game ever! Thanks so much for this instructable... The kappa is indeed kawaii!! I'll have to make one!

    HI! You did a great job making this Kappa. I'm learning to make amigurumi but the one problem I'm having is making "clean" sewing on the body parts. You can clearly see where I've sewn on the body parts and I wish I could make my ami's more like your kappa. Can you give me pointers or suggest a tutorial that shows how to do this?

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    thank you so much! i agree, it's tough to hide stitches. most of the time, you can see mine too! planet june has a bunch of great ami tutorials including one for joining http://www.planetjune.com/blog/joining-amigurumi/ you can also check youtube. best of luck!

    I'd like to know do you have a pattern for your KAPPA? It sure would be nice of you to share, Please. Thanks

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    hi! thanks for your request :) i'm flattered. I used to have the pattern available for sale in my etsy but i'm closing up shop. i may choose to post it in the future as a free pattern on my blog: http://www.thetokicafe.blogspot.com/

    Super cute! and Harvest Moon has always been one of my favorite games. Great Job! ^ ^