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Introduction: Kawaii Squishies DIY Super Easy Made From Sponges

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Don't feel like buying a real squishy? You can make your own with these DIYs!

For the Popsicle one, you will need:

A sponge


Popsicle stick



Note: This project may not turn out slow rising, it depends on what sponge you have.

For the marshmallow one you will need:

A make-up sponge (preferably wedge)


Nail polish

A bobby pin

For the cheese one you will need the same things as the marshmallow one.

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Step 1: *Popsicle* Sponge

Find a good sponge. It can be slow rising or not, depending on what you want. I have a bunch of these regular dish washing sponges, so I'm using one of these. Cut off the green/rough part, if you have one similar.

Step 2: Cut + Paint

Cut the sponges to an oval shape with a flat bottom. Cut out a bow. Paint them whatever colors, I chose pink and purple.

Step 3: Popsicle Stick + Bow

Next you're going to want to cut a small hole for the popsicle stick and glue it in. Then glue the bow on.

Step 4: Face

Lastly just paint the face on. It was hard for me because the sponge was really hard to paint on, but it might be easier for you depending on what sponge you use.

Step 5: Done

This one isn't slow rising, but it is really big, and it does squish.

Step 6: *Marshmallow* Sponge

First, get a make-up sponge. You can use any, since you will be cutting it.

Step 7: Cut

Cut your make-up sponge into a square. Then round the edges with thread scissors so you can get more detail. The scissors I'm talking about are in the picture.

Step 8: Paint + Done

Paint a face on your marshmallow. In this case, I also used some oil pastels to add a tan sort of look, but it's really light, so you can't really see it in the picture.You;'re finished.

Step 9: *Cheese* Sponge + Cut

Get another wedge make-up sponge. For this one, you will need a wedge sponge. Cut some small holes in it with the scissors from the marshmallow.

Step 10: Paint, Face, Done

Paint the whole thing yellow. Then you can add a face if you'd like. I did. Then you're done!

Thanks so much for reading this, hope you liked it or found something useful from it! My next project will be how to make make-up sponges more slow rising. Bye!

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