Kazoo DIY With Paper Roll

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Intro: Kazoo DIY With Paper Roll

I have seen this before, but wanted to share how easy it really is.


- Paper roll, in my case I used kitchen because it is far bigger than toilet
- Scissors
- Rubber band
- Any plastic or film

Step 1: Put the Membrane

Cut a square piece of the plastic, just a few cm bigger than the diameter of the paper roll.

Then put it on a table and the roll just over it. I used two small pieces of tape to fix the plastic to the roll, but don´t over tight it since it would not vibrate.

Then attach the rest of the plastic with the rubber band. It can be tricky, but as we have the plastic fixed with tap, it does not move a lot.

Step 2: Make a Hole

Using the scissors or a knife, make a hole on the side of the roll. This would be the place where you must put your mouth to HUMMMMMMMMMMM!

Step 3: ENJOY!!!!!!!!!

Just play it until your family and friends are fed up with your noise.

This can be a good sunday's activity with kids, because then you can paint the kazoo and decorate it.


Watch me playing it




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