Keaton Tames the Indominus Rex!




Introduction: Keaton Tames the Indominus Rex!

The Indominus!! Keaton's ability to tame wild beasts is uncanny!!

Step 1: Carving Out a 3d Sculpt for Making Patterns

First you start out creating a scaled sculpt for creating patterns. Our sculpt here was carved out of a block upholstery foam. You get your patterns by laying fabric over your sculpt creating folds aka darts in the fabric so it lays flat on your sculpt. Similar to what seamstresses do in sewing patterns. Carving was done with carving knife, razor blades and a dremel sanding pad. Next cut out the patterns and glue. We used L200, a closed cell foam. Glue with contact cement and BAAAM!!! An Indominus head, well the start of one!

The Toothless Instructable goes into more details on this same technique working with foam, patterning etc. Check that out if you need more detailed instruction or send me a message!

Step 2: Applying Skin

On the closed cell foam we added 1/4" upholstery foam for "skin" to allow for carving in details. The upholstery foam is attached with a spray adhesive like fast 77 or even better fast 74 (more spendy but awesome!)

Step 3:

Carve out legs and arms from upholstery foam same way we did with the head sculpts. Skin the body with upholstery foam and add some details! Legs and arms were attached to the body using PVC under structure in the actual legs and arms. No PVC structure was needed for the majority of the body. We did use some PVC for the head as we wanted to add some articulation in the jaw. Wanted to but alas we ended up having to "finish" the Indominus a week earlier than anticipated to make a deadline for a trip to NYC. So no articulation in the jaw yet... But the legs have a "hip joint" and actually attach to the drive wheels of the wheelchair and when Keaton moves you get some pretty cool leg movement!!! Don't think I snapped any pics of that but if you want some let me know. It's pretty simple, not impressive at all but it get's the job done and looks pretty cool!

Step 4: Enjoying the Ride!

The finished Indominus seen here eyeing up Times Square, keeping little brother "safe" on the sidewalk and chewing on my leg! Ever had an Indominus latched on to your leg?!

This was a blast to make and like very build it's a learning experience! So don't be too hard on your self. You gotta allow for error in order to learn! That being said I would be an ungrateful terd if I didn't give credit where credit was due. All these techniques were learned from The Stan Winston School of Character Arts. If you really want to learn foam fabrication head over to The Stan Winston School website and watch the foam fab Jedi Master Ted Haines build an amazing T-Rex head!!! EPIC!! Totally changed how and what I build with!!

Also if you're ever interested in building as a volunteer for an amazing non-profit head over to and volunteer or donate or heck do both!! And than share!!! Thanks for checking out the Indominus!!!

Step 5: Cramming an Indominus in a Taxi in NYC!!!

Well that's what an Indominus looks like crammed into a taxi in NYC!

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    4 Discussions


    2 years ago on Step 3

    Would It be possible to see how the hip joint was done ? I’m looking to make an elephant costume this year for my daughter who is in a wheelchair and wanted a hip joint for the elephant but am at a loss


    3 years ago

    Man, that's so cool!


    3 years ago


    Fantastic costume, so nice to see the details. Well done! :)