Keema (Indian Curried Peas and Meat)




Introduction: Keema (Indian Curried Peas and Meat)

I have so many photos of this dish I decided to try out a slide show.
The full recipe is here:

If you live in the SF area, try Vik's warehouse on Allston in Berkeley for an awesome selection of Indian spices--whole and ground, ready-mixed masalas, dried beans and lentils, ready-made breads etc.

While there you should treat yourself to a sweet or chaat next door in their cafe(teria).
(No, I do NOT work for them!)



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    After seeing your slideshow this morning, I was inspired to make something rather similar in preparation but with ground turkey, chinese broccoli, and different spices. (Yes, not terribly similar in taste, but I was cleaning out the refrigerator!) Yours looks fabulous, and I'll be sure to pick up the proper ingredients at the grocery this weekend. Thanks for sharing the recipe!

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    Oh yeah you can mix it up, for sure! Not sure if I mentioned it but I use the same basic recipe/process to do a great boiled egg curry, veg curry with potatoes and cauliflower... whatever is about to go to waste in the vegetable drawer. Works great with just about any tubors cut into bite-sized chunks. Glad you found it useful! I am already a fan of your recipes, planning to use a couple this week!

    I can almost smell this dish from the pictures alone! Any chance of adding an abbreviated version of the recipe to the text of the Slideshow Instructable? That will make it a little bit easier follow.

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