Keep Headphone Wires From Getting Tangled



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Tired of untangling your headphones every time you travel? We've got a little trick that will help keep your wires from getting tangled into knots.

Bonus: The tip works for most cords, including ones that aren’t headphones!

Step 1: Surf's Up

Create a "surf's up" hand pose. i.e. Your middle two fingers and thumb are placed down. The rest of your fingers (pointer and pinky) should be sticking up. Place the wires with the headphones underneath your two middle fingers and grasp with your thumb.

Step 2: Figure 8

Taking the rest of your wire, make a figure 8 motion. This will loop your wire around your pointer and pinky fingers. Keep figure 8-ing until you have about an inch or a 1/2 inch of wire left.

Step 3: Incircle & Loop

Taking that last inch of wire, incircle your figure 8. Once you have reached the end, loop your cord through the bottom of your figure 8. You now have successfully wrapped your headphones in a way that guarantees no tangles!

Step 4: Ready to Use?

Ready to use your headphones? Simply unloop, pull and rock on!



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