Keep Picture Frames Hanging Straight With Sugru Feet

Introduction: Keep Picture Frames Hanging Straight With Sugru Feet

Pretty simple idea here to keep your pictures straight on your wall.  I recently had a small wire repair to make, but not being one to waste, I kept waiting for more things to fix so I could use a whole packet of sugru instead of just a little bit and have to throw some out.

I finally figured out what to use the rest for, keeping my picture frames straight on the wall!  I have seen little rubber feet on the back of some of our more expensive, professional frames, but one kept falling off, so I decided to replace it with Sugru.  I used just a tiny bit to make my repair, then took the rest of a packet and put feet on the lower back edge of several picture frames, let it cure, and hung them back up.

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    7 years ago on Introduction

    Awesome hack, love the simplicity of it! May we post the images and your thoughts behind it on our user gallery? We'd love to share your ingenuity!