Keep Your Belt Holster From Slipping Off Your Belt!

THUNK! Getting tired of hearing your cell phone hitting the floor every time you unbuckle your belt? I don't like the idea of something costing hundreds of dollars and containing my whole life getting damaged accidentally so I found a workaround solution.

Gather your materials:

1.) one hair scrunchy (For men: these are elastic bands or hair ties sold in women's hair sections of discount stores and pharmacies used to tie back hair for pony tails, etc. They are covered in fabric and much stronger than a rubber band. Get the ones without the metal crimping.)

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Step 1: Attach Hair Scrunchy to Belt and Belt Holster

Slide the scrunchy over the belt first and then slide on your belt holster. Then lift and turn the scrunchy around 180 degrees and feed the tip of the belt back through the scrunchy. The scrunchy will pull the holster loop tightly to the belt.

Step 2: Much Better.

No more surprises. The holster with my cell phone won't just fall off by itself anymore, and I can still slide it along my belt to position it where I want it. All hail the mighty hair scrunchy!

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