Keep Your Food COOL

About: Young maker

During those hot summer days when you're caught in traffic or have a long ride home, don't be a victim of thawed food from the cooler or freezer section. There's a simple solution.

Step 1: Use Bubble Wrap

Take any sheet of bubble wrap you might have from packages or that is sitting somewhere in a box.

Step 2: Action!

Now just toss it in your trunk or in your re-usable grocery bags for the next time you're shopping on a sweltering day. Take any cold items and give them a quick wrap in bubble packing, keeping them cool significantly longer. Make sure to completely cover your item in bubble wrap to effectively keep the coldness in. The air trapped in the wrap will insulate, helping keep things fresh while in transit.

Step 3: Enjoy!

Then when you get home your ice cream should be just at if you pulled it from the fridge!



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