Keep Your Phone Safe on the Water Hack




Have you ever worried about having your phone drop into the water when you're at the beach, lake or even on a boat or kayak? You could buy a phone case to protect your phone from water but those are quite expensive. But, luckily for you, you're a part of Instructables. I'm here to show you this simple and free trick to keep your phone safe. By having your cellular device inside a plastic bag you won't have to worry about water, sand or any other type of damage. But, by inflating this plastic bag will prevent your phone sinking if it does fall onto the water. Here is how to do it: (Instructions are on the image notes)

You will need:

-Your cellular device

-1 or more plastic bags



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    4 years ago

    Love this hack! I've used this hack in the tub and in my swimming pool, and I am here to testify that it works! This has saved my cell phone in the tub twice and my tablet in the pool four times this summer (all the way to the bottom of a 4 foot swimming pool). Yeah, go Ziplock!


    4 years ago on Introduction

    Hope you enjoy this simple hack! Please vote for this if you find it useful!