Keep a Stack of Papers in Order Without Numbering Them

 I often find myself with a stack of papers that are either not numbered, or are several small series of numbers. Instead of writing 1-50 or so on the pages, I can do this is a matter of seconds. I can then put them in order of how high the mark is on the page.

(I made this for my father in a hurry. Please forgive the image quality.)



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    9 years ago on Introduction

    This reminds me of something I've tried to forget over the years.  Back in the '70s I worked in a job where we invited about 50 people to come read bids for a huge missile contract.  Each bid was about three hundred pages, 3 volumes, and the readers were invited to disassemble the bids and spread out if they needed to.  Among other things I was in charge of bid check-in/check-out and putting the books back together.  At the end of each day for 2 weeks I had to have all 15,000 pages in order ready for the next day.  What I did was draw a diagonal line across the edges of the pages while the volume was closed in the binder.  As I checked them in I put them in the file cabinet so I could see all the edges of all the docs in each drawer.  Any pages out of order were easy to find.