Keep That Tee ALIVE!




Introduction: Keep That Tee ALIVE!

My wife got me a vintage Police shirt and I was really excited to wear it, however it was a Medium and I am not a Medium sized guy. So I set about taking the front of the shirt and putting it on an XL.

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Step 1: Remove the Good Stuff From the Old Tee

First I cut out the logo, I was lucky because it was square so there were no creative choices to make as far as shape (I think that will come in time).

Step 2: Pin Up the Old and New

Pinning the logo or picture on the new tee is important because you can try it on, make sure it is mostly straight and see if it is going to hang correctly.

Step 3: This Is Sew Sweet!

Next I used my sewing machine to go around the edge of the appliqué (fancy word huh). I made sure to have the same size boarder all the way around my logo and then keep my foot placement consistent.

Step 4:

An interesting thing about this project, I had imagined that the edges would get all unruly however the sides look fine and the top and bottom curled under. This is something to take into account when planing your project.

Step 5: That Is It!!!

Then presto, I have an XL shirt that has my medium sized shirt logo on it.

I also used this technique to take a Mighty Mighty Bosstone’s logo and put it on the back of a parka!

Hope this works as well for you as it did for me.

The sewing machine foot and pin picture is from Creative Commons user L. Marie
The Scissors picture is from Creative Commons user Silly Little Man

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    7 years ago on Introduction

    Excellent.. I'm holding on to a couple of old shirts which I don't want to separate with ,... this might be the way to go.