Keep Your Laptop Cool With Kitchen Items

Introduction: Keep Your Laptop Cool With Kitchen Items

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There is no need to buy a USB powered cooling fan to keep your laptop cool. This simple hack will increase the airflow around your laptop and keep it cooler.

Items needed beside your laptop computer:

  1. Large cutting board
  2. Drying rack

Step 1: Using the Laptop on a Table.

To use a laptop on a table place a drying rack under the laptop. The drying rack is also useful for feeding cords under your laptop.

Step 2: Using the Laptop on a Soft Surface

Putting your laptop on a blanket or other soft surface is a quick way to get your laptop to overheat. So you want to search the web, or watch a video while in bed? That's easy enough. Place your laptop onto the drying rack and place that onto a large cutting board. This will keep the air flowing around the laptop. If you are using it on your lap this will keep the heat away from your lap as well.



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