Keeping Your Laser Pointer on Easily (with Binder or Bulldog Clips)




Introduction: Keeping Your Laser Pointer on Easily (with Binder or Bulldog Clips)

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So, you got your new laser pointer from Ebay and you played around with it. Now you just want to point it against a wall and admire the beauty of its beam in the dark and you find out that it's hard to keep it on due to its bad button(most cases on cheap ebay pointers).

Or you just want to keep it on the table and walk around the beam admiring its beauty..... You've tried using tapes but it leaves behind residues (some tapes does) and you are stuck, not knowing what to do.....


By using a Binder or Bulldog clip of the appropriate size, you can use it to hold the button on with great force(won't destroy your pointer or leave a dent so no worries). That means BRIGHTNESSSSssssssssssssssssssssssss!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Also the clip doubles as a stand for keeping the pointer at an angle.

Some Wikipedia pages that might provide some information:

Rayleigh Scattering - Reason we can see the laser beam.

Bulldog Clip

Binder Clip

Step 1: Get Your Laser Pointer and the Bulldog/Binder Clip

Get your laser pointer from your pocket and get your clip from your desk! (As long as the clip is big enough to clip on the pointer then it should be okay to be used)

Step 2: Use the Clip.

Take the clip and use it to clip on the laser pointer. Clip it on the button so it will keep the button pressed. If it does not press on the button, spin the laser pointer until the clip can press onto the button firmly.

Step 3: Finished!

That's all! It's a simple trick to keep your laser pointer on.

Do note that keeping the laser pointer on for too long might overheat the laser diode or the laser driver so take caution. By sliding the clip up or down the laser pointer while still keeping the button pressed you can change the angle of the laser pointer by a bit.

I used a bulldog clip because I have one lying around and if I position the pointer's button at a certain place I can twist the laser pointer by a bit to switch it off and be twisting it back switches it on.

I hope you've learnt something from this simple yet useful Instructable! Thank you for reading and have a good day!

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