Keepsake Hand Print Sign - GREAT GIFT



Introduction: Keepsake Hand Print Sign - GREAT GIFT

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  • Piece of wood/Sign Background (I cut a piece to 8X8 for ours, but anything big enough to have an inch or so around the biggest hand would work fine.)
  • Paint, Rollers/Brushes (You need one color per kid and a background color)
  • Little Hands (I had 3 ranging in age from 0-4)
  • Stencils (CUSTOM CUT - or purchase them at your local craft store)
    ------ WARNING: Little Hands + Lots of Permanent Paint = BIG MESS POTENTIAL

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Step 1: Sand & Paint

Buy or Cut your piece of wood to the size you want. I did 8X8, but my oldest is 4, so we have little hands around here. You’ll want to sand the edges to make it nice a smooth. Be sure to wipe away any dust from sanding before you paint. (if you are purchasing the wood from a craft store, you shouldn't need to sand it)

Roll on at least two coats of the base color and let dry.

Step 2: Add the Handprints

You’ll want to start with the kid with the largest hand. Have them pick a color and then roll it on (or use a sponge or whatever you have handy). I then did a ‘test’ print on a scrap board (a paper plate would work too), and then onto the actual board. I did the test just because my kids are young and I wanted to make sure they knew how it would work before doing the real one. They loved having their hands painted. :-)

Repeat until you run out of little hands. I did the whole process over for each sign I did (roll, test, final). Once that print was dry (about an hour) I found the next kid in size and did the same in his color.

Step 3: Stencil Sign

Next I used a stencil I created with my Silhouette Cameo machine. You can find letter stencils at any craft store, or you can order custom designed stencils in my ETSY shop.

1. Apply the stencil to the sign (video coming soon)

2. Paint the stencil using a brush or sponge.

3. Let the paint dry (at least two hours, I like to leave mine overnight though)

4. Peel the stencil. You can add a hanger to the back to hang on the wall, or use an easel to display it on a table.

We made ours as Mother's Day gifts, but they could be made for any occasion as a nice keepsake from your children or pets.

Step 4:

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