Keg-Veg ( a Tribute to M.C. Langer )

Cyborg  MC-Langer gave me the idea. A saturday night gave me the stuff.

First of all drink ALL the beer: it is rich in potassium,  phosphorus and can help you in relationship if you are shy.

Remove the cap. CAREFULLY! It is sharp and hard ( my fingers know ).

Now, if you want, you can finish the beer....not so good i think.

Collect useless electronic stuff (broken muose, hard drives....everything ) to make arm, legs, eyes....

Drill some holes in the bottom to let the water drain.

Fill with soil and make your planter.

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    4 Discussions

    M.C. Langer

    8 years ago on Introduction

    I... CAN'T... BELIEVE... IT!!! I have a tribute!!! Thank you very much!!! And nice planter! I love the beer can idea!! :-)

    2 replies