Keluang String : a Camper's String Hack




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Storage space is a luxury for camper and that's the problem I had faced in one of the trips.

Here, I show how to use a string to hang mostly of your camping items and save some space.

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Step 1: Items

    This items are easily buy from a fishing store

    1. A nylon string
    2. A hook - not a fishing hook ;)
    3. A basic skill to tie a knot (or a few)

    Step 2: The Knots

    Firstly, I make a few knots on the string.

    Step 3: The End Knot

    I also make a knot at the end of the string so that I can attach the hook.

    Step 4: The Hanging

    It is a simple principle of hanging item on the Keluang String. I insert the upper bottle into the knot and make a few twist to tighten the grip. For the other items, I just slide through the knot.

    Step 5: The Setup

    1. I hook the end at a tree branch.
    2. I hang a few items such as the cooking utensils, a bottle of shampoo, black pepper bottle, drinking bottle and two cooking pan.
    3. There are many items you can hang using the Keluang String.
    4. And lastly but not least, I can fit the string in my camping backpack's pocket for the next camping trip.


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      4 Discussions


      3 years ago

      Nice, simple idea; when most people camp, they put everything on the ground and get tons of ants and bugs but this avoids that.

      1 reply

      Reply 3 years ago

      Thanks for commenting.


      Reply 3 years ago

      Yea, a camper has a limited items to carry with them and we tend to use whatever necessary to serve the purpose :)
      Another trick is you can hoist the string with the things attached high off the ground to prevent any land-walking scavengers (e.g. bears) from eating your foods :D
      Thanks for commenting.