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Introduction: Kendo Inspired Training Sword

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Hi! Guys!.

Now here's a project for you makers, and builders out there who love swords but are too afraid to handle one for now.

well, the japanese invented a sword made of bamboo, to make you feel safe while training your best to become a Swordsman!... or a Samurai!.

Now lets get started on making one right now!

Step 1: Materials:

The materials to be used are the following:

Bamboo (2 pcs.)

meat cleave


Masking Tape

White Cloth

Black fabric

EVA foam

Glue stick


sand paper

and a wood cord or a rope.

Step 2: Let the Cutting Begin!:

Now with your meat cleaver, lets cut the bamboo stick into smaller pieces.

if you don't have a cleaver, try using a knife that is thin enough,

now cutting is very easy, all you need to do is to place the cleaver on top of the bamboo stick,

using a hammer, hit the edge to the cleaver to cut your way to the ends of the bamboo.

Now you have thin strips of bamboo sticks.

Now lets continue on!.

Step 3: Bind Them All Up!.

Using your masking tape, Bind all the thin bamboo sticks into one,

your tape must cover the ends of the stick and on the middle.

using your sand paper, file the rough edges of the stick, so that it's smooth and gives a nice round off the edge.

Step 4: The Small Details That Matter.

Now you will notice the the cut bamboo sticks will create thin bamboo shavings.

you can use it to create a rope in place of the masking tape earlier.

just follow the pictures like shown.

now let's continue.

Step 5: Safety Is a #1 Concern.

Now let's put a white cloth like shown for safety of course,

using your glue, stick the middle of the cloth to the top of the bamboo and wrap it on the top.

to cover the edges of the cloth to make it look neat, we will use the flat cord or rope.

Step 6: Handle the Sword, You Must!.

Now lets make the handle of the bamboo stick,

using your black cloth or fabric, wrap it around the bamboo stick like shown.

To cover the edges of the fabric, we will use again the flat cord like shown.

Step 7: En Guard!

Now to make the guard of the sword, we will use the eva foam.

You can create unique patterns on your own, its yours to decide.

make sure to make a circle in the middle to insert it onto the sword.

now paint the edges of the guard black for design cover.

Step 8: Make Another One!

Now Make another one to have fun with your Bro.

And practice the art of Sword handling

Sword Style! HAAChhhA!!

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    5 Discussions


    3 years ago

    How old is the bamboo? Can I use green or freshly cut bamboo? Does it change size overtime?


    Reply 3 years ago

    I used old brown bamboo cut.


    3 years ago

    Great tutorial! Don't forget your kiai :)


    Reply 3 years ago

    Thanks for the greetings, by the way whats Kiai?.


    Reply 3 years ago

    The yell you do when you make an attacking move. :)