Kermit D. Frog Dissection Birthday Cake





Introduction: Kermit D. Frog Dissection Birthday Cake

Our son wanted a science birthday party.  There were science experiments and owl pellet dissections; but the biggest hit was the Kermit D. Frog Dissection birthday cake that my wife made.

Step 1: Bake the Cake and Mix Up the Rice Crispy Treats

The cake is simply out-of-box cake mix - any flavor you like.  She used Red Velvet just to keep the theme going.  Two rounds with a little cutting creates the basic shape nicely.  The arms, legs, tongue, and organs get fashioned out of the rice crispy treat mix.  Everything is laid out to get the basic scale correct.

Step 2: Start Icing and Dipping

Now that everything has been dry-fit, the icing can be applied to the cake.  She uses butter cream icing (food dye for the color needed) and pipes it on using a #18 star tip.  The organ were dipped in melting chocolate (different colors for different organs.)  The eyes were gummy candies she found somewhere.

Step 3: Create the Skin Flaps

To create the skin flaps, she cut fruit roll-ups to cover the cavity.  She then rolled these back to expose the organs.

Step 4: Finish the Internal Details

After rolling the fruit roll-up skin back, she made the dissection pins out of more rice crispy treat mix.  The red goo between the organs was red piping gel. 

Step 5: Add the Finishing Touch

The finishing touch was the letter from Kermit donating his body to science.  The letter sat over the cake for all to witness.  Of course we had to explain to the kids what it meant (and for some who Kermit D. Frog was) - but all the adults got a good laugh out of it.

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    Congratulations on your 2nd prize win in the play with you food contest! I have a party in October I'm going to and I really am leaning towards giving this a whirl to bring with me!

    Here was our take. We made it with banana cream cupcakes.

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    My wife wanted me to post a "Thank you" to everyone's kind comments. She is enjoying reading them.

    As a scientist, THIS IS AMAZING!!!! A science themed birthday party AND a frog dissection birthday cake!!! You are clearly the best parents ever!!! (And I joined the site just to vote for your awesome cake!)

    love this cake you have my vote

    You guys get my vote for most creative Mom and Dad ever! What a fantastic cake, and I'm betting your son's birthday party will be talked about for years! I might make this for our Reptile Club, just for fun ;-)

    This is sooooo excellent! I hope your child appreciates you both.

    I'm not sure if this is amazing or disturbing! Haha! Nice one

    This is adorable!! I have a tee shirt that has Kermit getting dissected on it by the Muppet scientist, I'm OBSESSED with this cake!

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    Gross. But absolutely awesome! Your wife is the bomb!

    Fantastic! The donation letter is a perfect finishing touch. :D

    Ok, this is really sick. I love it.