Kermit and Miss Piggy

Kermit and Miss Piggy costume.

Step one
To create the head of Kermit has to take a balloon, inflate it, wrap it with any shirt or cloth and wrap around tape.
Finally, blow up the balloon and then we get the form of a mask.
Step two
The mask we stick pieces of green cloth. The mouth get through the red cardboard. Have to make two holes for the eyes and connect the mask.
Kermit's eyes can be done by a white Styrofoam ball split in half.
Step three
Green fabric can be cut shape of hands and feet to stick with black shoes and gloves.
Step Four
Kermit's body is really the simple part - wear a suit.
Step Five
Miss Piggy would wear a red dress and long white gloves.
Pearl necklace or hair ornaments will add disguise but they are not binding.
Step Six
The Miss Piggy's nose and ears is pink sponge.
The nose plug rubber.
The ears stick hair bow.

Step Seven - Smile and be prepared that people will ask you to take pictures with them!



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    haha, funny! good job :) Miss piggy isn't supposed to be sexy, and have a nice body! LOL