Coffee Ready



A Keurig coffee maker controlled by an Node Mcu ESP 8266 , Cayenne myDevices, Arduino Pro Mini and a stepper motor with driver.In essence, a hot cup of coffee made at 7:00 each morning.

Step 1: Code

Upload coffee starter to your ESP and Coffee press to your Arduino.

Step 2: Connect Up the ESP 8266

Connect Pin D2 from the Node Mcu Esp8266 to Pin 2 on your Arduino.

Step 3: Connect Up Your Arduio

Connect pins 5,6,10,11 to your stepper driver board.

Step 4: Screw on the Stepper Motor

Use self-taping screws to attach your stepper motor.

Step 5: Glue on an Extender

Use super glue and a popsicle stick to extend the stepper motor shaft. (I used a piece of a broken propeller)

Step 6: Set Up an Event on Cayenne MyDevices

Go to the top right of Cayenne and add an event for your morning coffee!



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