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Introduction: Keurig "My K-Cup" Drying Rack

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My Love and I each received a "My K-Cup" for Christmas for use with our Keurig coffee maker. The problem is the "My K-cups" didn't have a good place to dry and store near our Keurig and we use them almost daily. So I came up with the drying rack to use that we now keep right next to our Keurig. It was easy to make and costs me less than 5 bucks!

Step 1: What You Will Need for This Instructable

For this instructable you will need a small plastic cutting board and a heavy duty (large diameter) plastic hanger. I purchased the cutting board for this project at our local Meijer for $3.99 and I had the hanger in the house already.

The tools you will need are as follows:
- 3/8" forstner drill bit - for drilling the holes in the cutting board
- Drill
- Saw - to cut the cutting board down and to cut up the hanger up. I used my table top table saw for this instructable, but all of the cuts could be made with a hand saw.
- Box cutter, razor blade and or x-acto blade - for trimming and cleaning up plastic parts.
- Small hammer
- Pencil and square edge or tape ruler

Step 2: Trimming the Cutting Board

The cutting board I purchased had a handle on it and I did not want to keep it.
Using a square edge ruler I marked the cutting board from corner to corner on the handle side. Using my table top table saw I cut along the mark I had just made. I then trimmed and cleaned up the cut using a box cutter/utility knife.

Step 3: Marking and Drilling the Holes in the Cutting Board

I measured the cutting board and found the area inside of the drip collector to measure 8' x 5 3/8"... I laid out the "My K-cup" parts and came up with the following measurements for my board.
Measuring from inside the drip collector I marked at 1 1/2", 4" & 6 1/2", on the 8" wide part and marked the holes 1 1/4" in from the sides.

Using the 3/8 forstner bit, carefully drill at of the six marked spots. The holes should be as deep as you can get them WITHOUT going all the way through the cutting board.

Step 4: Cut the Hanger Into the Drying Rack Parts

Using a saw cut the straight parts of the heavy hanger into the following drying rack parts:
2 parts - 3 1/2" long
2 parts - 2 1/2" long
2 parts - 2 1/2" long with an angle tip. The angle tip allows the caps of the "My K-cup" to catch to dry.
Using a utility knife or an x-acto blade clean up the ends.

And you get a 'bonus' "S" hanger after you cut the straight pieces from the hanger that you can use to store belts or scarves on in your closet...

Step 5: Assemble and Use.

Push or tap lightly with a small hammer, the plastic hanger pieces in the holes in the cutting board. I put my pieces in order from tallest to shortest. The pieces should push in fairly tightly into the holes. I needed to use my x-acto blade to trim a few of the piece in order to get them to fit properly.

Enjoy your new "My K-cup" drying rack.

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