Key-Board for the Geek Household

Introduction: Key-Board for the Geek Household

I was looking for a means of keeping our keys organized and in one place when not in use. I've been to the stores and such but the ones in the stores, while having attractive hooks, just didn't have enough hooks for a three person household. So I got to thinking, and that's where trouble ALWAYS starts. I found an old PS2 cabled keyboard at the local thrift shop for a dollar. Grabbed a couple packets of 3/4"  cup hooks, pulled out some picture hanging wire and a couple small (#6 x 3/4) sheet metal screws.

I cut the cord off the keyboard, as flush with the case as possible. Next I placed the two screws on the back of the keyboard about 1/3 down from the top, wrap the picture wire between the screws to make it wall-mountable. Next was spacing and placing the cup hooks on the key side of the keyboard. Put two picture hanging devices (I used actual picture hanging hooks for stability) into the wall, catch the wire on the back of the board, and add those key rings. I did find it was advantageous when setting the cup hooks to pre-drill the holes and use a dab of construction glue. 

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    4 years ago on Introduction

    cool, you should sort your keys alphabetically using each letter in the keyboar mounts hooks to each letter.