Key Chain From Scrap Metal With Electroplating

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In this Instructables ,I will show you how I made a Scrap metal key chain. I made key ring using Sparkler ,I used the metal portion which is used to hold the sparkler.The main body i made using aluminium sheet which was cut from an old door .To print letters on aluminium i have done copper electroplating .

It is festival season and this homemade key chain can be given as gift for your dear.

Step 1: Materials + Tools

  • Aluminium sheet
  • sparkler
  • copper wire from electric wire
  • copper sulphate
  • 9 V Battery(Any power supply)
  • Insulation tape
  • permanent marker
  • sand paper
  • chisel
  • hammer
  • file
  • blade

Step 2: Making Key Ring

As i told in the beginning I made key ring from sparklers.It is festival time ,and for Christmas and new year we had bought plenty of crackers and sparklers.I used the metallic portion of sparklers.By using a sand paper i removed the metal coating on it .On a metallic cylinder (I used flashlight) wrap the metalic portion to make key ring.Follow the photos to understand the procedure...:)

Step 3: Metal Working!

By using a chisel i cut an aluminium sheet of 3.5 X 2 cm rectangular piece.By using a file i shaped the metallic piece.By using diamond point chisel i made a hole on metallic piece.

Step 4: Making Prints!

By using a permanent marker write on a insulation tape what you would like to show on key chain .By using blade cut the letter and stick it to the aluminium piece.

Please follow Photos for Better understanding....:)

Step 5: Electroplating

Before You Need to know about what is electroplating ? So i am giving a link below to know more about it

What is Electroplating

As i need to electroplate with copper on aluminium i used copper sulphate as electrolyte.As positive electrode i used copper wires and as negative electrode i used aluminium piece.

Step 6: Key Chain Is Ready!!!


If you have any doubt in explanation please follow the photos or feel free to ask in comments

Thanks for taking a look :)

Happy Making:)



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