Key Chain

A holder for your keys. If they fall out they will be their. Its a common problem solver.

Step 1: Needed Items/Tools

You will need:

1. Clippers
2. Pliers
3. Metal jumper rings
4. A mini caribener
5. Key ring

Step 2: Assembly of the Chain

Take the jumper rings and assemble them by twos. Continue the chain until it reaches a desired length.

Step 3: Moar Assembly

End each side of the chain with one single jumper ring. This allows the attachment of caribener and a key ring.

Step 4: The End. and the Explanation...

The reason for making this 'ible was because I had not quite mastered the art of linking chains. This was way easier for me. If you would like a better looking, yet more complicated version of this check out the 'ible by Eldalote.



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    cool I like it do you like minecraft if so please follow!

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