Key Necklaces




Introduction: Key Necklaces

Key necklaces are fun, stylish and unique necklaces that no body else will have. They are beautiful and can brighten an outfit immediately! They are easy to make as well. All you will need is:
-an unused key
-colorful beads
-unique charms
-jeweler's glue (Dazzle Tac)
-random, small junk (ex: old Polly-pocket purses)
-fun, bright buttons
-chain of preferred length

Remember: When you are doing this, your hands will get a bit of glue on them. To get this glue off, use witch hazel. Just gently scrub with cotton rounds and it will be off in no time!

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Step 1: Pick Your Junk

Yep, you read that right! To pick your junk, you will need a creative eye. Old buttons, Polly pocket purses, pretty charms, and old broken bracelets. All of these things would look great on a key necklace!

Step 2: Apply the Glue

It's important to not put too much or too little glue on the key. You can choose if you want the glue on the key or on the junk. Personally, for smaller junk, I like the glue on the key.  For larger things, such as buttons, I like the glue on the junk. You will just have to experiment to find out!

Step 3: Stick It On

When you stick the charms on, you have to make sure that no glue is coating the key. Even if your charms are perfect, dried glue on the charms can greatly diminish the quality of the necklace.

Step 4: Dry It Out

Jeweler's glue takes a long time to dry. The tube says forty eight hours, but I have found that even that is not long enough! If you choose to wear the necklace in forty eight hours or less, you have to be very gentle with it. You definitely cannot pull on the charms!

Step 5: Choose the Chain

After the keys have dried out, you can choose your chain. When choosing the chain, you choose the style and the length. For example, personally, I like long chained ones or short, beaded ones.

Step 6: Wear It!

This necklace will brighten your outfit and add to your your fashion wardrobe. It is unique and will quickly be one of your favorite accessories. Just pair it with cute clothes and you are ready to go! Enjoy!

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    Reply 8 years ago on Introduction

    yes it is a necklace. I hope you can use it on your mom or something. Please enjoy!


    8 years ago on Introduction

    Im a guy. I dont need this. But maybe for my sis or something.